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QUESTION: Can I add an Ad Hoc Approver or Reviewer to my PeopleSoft document? ANSWER: On REQUISITIONS, the Creator can insert an Ad Hoc Approver or Reviewer at the Cost Center Level On VOUCHERS, ONLY the Approver can add an Ad Hoc Approver or Reviewer...
QUESTION: A Faculty member is on Faculty Development Leave and I cannot create a Travel Authorization in PeopleSoft. ANSWER: A TAF-Travel Authorization Form will need to be submitted to the Disbursements and Travel Services office for processing. http:/...
QUESTION: What is the maximum upload size of an attachment that be uploaded to any Interim Workflow Solutions document? (eg. Travel Authorization, Non-PO Voucher, Expense Report) ANSWER: The maximum upload size is 50 MB.
QUESTION: Can I view my state service in PeopleSoft? ANSWER: Currently end users are not able to view their state service in PeopleSoft. The Timekeeper in each department has access to run the UTZ_HA_VAC_SICK_LEAVE_BALANCE query, which provides stat...
Required receiving will be used and set for all PO's unless otherwise directed. A small percentage of PO's would be modified to "DO NOT Require"; this is determined by type of service. Otherwise a receipt is required on all orders.
The override button is used to ensure that all lines of a PO are updated regardless of future modifications.
The current anticipatory date is January 2015, but this has not been finalized.
When workflow is turned on, all approvals will be done electronically, no paper documentation will be necessary.
Yes, a POC request can be sent to Purchasing post receipt. Note that changes made to a PO to match an invoice are considered Non-Compliant and will require Dean or AVP approval befor Purchasing will make the corrections.
Yes, changing a funding source on a PO will reverse the funds tied to the original funding source.
No, the change request icon in Manage Requisitions is specific to changes made on a requisition, which is not currently configured.
When accounting changes are requested for either post payment or remaining balances, changes will need to be made by Purchasing.
Yes, a favorite and a template can be deleted.
Yes, you can change cost centers or project ID without authority to use the new funding source. Controls are not in place at this time.
There are no examples of how warrant holds effect Purchasing, as the decision regarding state finncial holds only effect payment. These could be seen on a report.
Errors regarding chartfield information are only seen when the document is budget checked.
No. Templates are user specific.
No. Templates can only be created while in requisition creation.
This is taking some time as the process to release funds is not simplistic for cross FY documents. Currently Purchasing is working with both Budget and Accounting to release double encumbrances as Purchasing closing POs. This effort is ongoing and requ...
Yes. If there are multiple people within an office that needs cross functionality, please send an email to Purchasing Office ( [1]) and include EMPLID of those who need to be modified. Links: ------ [1]
Not at this time, as this form replaced the Vendor W-9 and direct deposit form.
Question: Can the Interim Workflow Solutions form be devised to only need one approval from supervisor? Why are multiple approvals needed from the same person, i.e., supervisor? Answer: Once the PeopleSoft workflow is deployed, the FMS forms will go...
As of August 1, 2014, PeopleSoft workflow is targeted to be deployed in early 2016 for only Requisitions and Non PO vouchers. Interim Workflow Solutions documents will be phased out in stages. Final testing by campus staffs and development/delivery of tra...
There is nothing to stop a person from having both the Interim Workflow Solutions form and PeopleSoft open at the same time. In some instances, a person may want to have PeopleSoft open initially to look up a vendor (to see if they are in the system). ...
The EMPLID is located in the Employee Self Service pagelet by selecting the "My Time Summary" link. (See attachment for screen shots)
Question: I was wondering when we will be able to process purchase requests for next fiscal year? We have a LARGE number of renewals each year and some of the associated contracts take quite a long time to process. Before the contracts can be worked...