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Verify purchase order payments and creation of payment vouchers
Posted by SPOC 17 on 23 January 2014 07:22 PM

Thank you for the questions regarding your business functionality on the following two items:

1. You will be able to continue the review of activity on purchase orders and verify payment status for all cost centers (budget groups) which will assist your coworkers and contractors.

2. The process to create Non-Purchase Order Vouchers  will have two versions:

a. Interim solution (approx. May - August) will allow you to complete the Sharepoint form and obtain manual signature approvals on the form. Upon securing the paper signatures you will be able to create the Non-Purchase Order Voucher in PeopleSoft which will route to Disbursements for completion.

b. When Workflow is turn on in PeopleSoft after the Interim solutions (approx September) a determination on how departments such as Facilities will be made in the future to facilitate the processing of payments such as utilities which include many cost centers (budget groups).

Addditional processes in the coming months will be developed to accomodate some of the current business practices and you will be notified of those developments.