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DBT funding question
Posted by SPOC 1 on 13 March 2017 11:21 AM

Question : Our department has two positions that will not be filled. One that is presently vacant and one that will not be filled once the employee retires in June. We were told that we needed to de-fund these positions in order to release the budgeted amounts. If so, what is the process to de-fund these positions? Or, in budgeting for the new fiscal year, can these positions not be allocated salary?

Answer : There is no way to “de-fund” a position in the DBT.  But, the only way the funding that is currently set on a DBT is ever charged is if there is a person in the position getting paid.  So if the position is sitting vacant the funding should never be charged and all salary encumbrances are liquated at the time the person is terminated through the HR process. 

As far as the new fiscal year budget.  It will be up to you whether you continue to budget positions in
a new year 

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