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Once the Hiring Proposal has been approved by Human Resources, the hiring manager or designee will need to complete the hiring form. The link can be found through the HP approval email.
HR will be notified of your new benefits eligible employee when you submit the SharePoint form. Please still send the new employee's email address and phone number to [1] or call 210-458-4648. Links: ------ [1]
You can contact the Day O.N.E. staff for assistance, by email at [1], or telephone at 210-458-4648. Step by step instructions for the hiring form are also located on the DAY O.N.E website. Links: ------ [1]
Please visit our Day O.N.E website [1] to view the orientation calendar. Links: ------ [1]
The offer letter will be sent out to the new hire by the Human Resources Department NOT the hiring department.
An employee who is hired to work at least 20 hours per week for 4 ½ months or longer (135 days) and who has competitively bid on the position for which they were hired.
Orientation is scheduled from 8:30-4:30
Human Resources will create the new job record. The employee's current job record will need to be modified so that it ends the day prior to the start of the new assignment to prevent a break in service.