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QUESTION: I need to print a verification of employment. Where can I find this information in PeopleSoft? ANSWER: Currently you cannot access this information in PeopleSoft. You can contact the Office of Human Resources by email or ph...
Question: How do I pay Occasional workers in PeopleSoft? Answer: Anyone that has an employment relationship with UTSA will need to have a position and job record (appointment) created in PeopleSoft.
Question: How does one process/hire internationals in PeopleSoft without a social security number (SSN)? Answer: The process has not changed. Internationals will need to visit Payroll and get assigned a temporary SSN. That temporary number will be us...
Question: How are EMPL IDs generated? Answer: EMPL IDs are generated systematically at the time employee's first job record created by HR.
Question: What is EMPL Record? Answer: Unique identifier assigned to each job an employee holds. Employee's with multiple jobs will have multiple EMPL Records.
Question: What is Employee ID (EMPLID)? Answer: A unique identifier assigned to each employee. This number is replacing the employee's UT EID.